Optical Transmission

Optical networks are the most common channel for the transmission of heavy load of data traffic. Optical fiber is widely used in SONET/SDH, LANs (Local Area Networks) , SANs(Storage Area Networks), MANs(Metropolitan Area Networks), WANs( Wide Area Networks), FTTH ( Fiber to the Home),and EPON(Ethernet Optical Networks).

Frequency sources with low jitter and with the ability to clean up recovered network reference signals are used in order to maintain low noise at increasingly high transmission speeds which require signals of higher and higher frequencies.

RubyQuartz offers several product families which support high frequencies up to 1.2GHz with superior jitter performance up to < 0.4ps RMS for standards such as OC3-OC768 .

Frequency sources with frequencies such as 155.520MHz, 166.625MHz, 312.04MHz and  622.08MHz ,etc. with frequency multiplication schemes, using high frequency fundamental inverted mesa crystals or SAW devices and/or low jitter frequency synthesis are available in both clock oscillators and VCXO/VCSO  forms.

Quicklinks: Clock Oscillators      VCXO/VCSO

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