Corporate Profile


Rubyquartz offers customers worldwide the technical expertise of one of the most established and prestigious R&D teams in the frequency components industry.

Products with specifications at the cutting edge of the market demand are designed in the Miami, Fl. headquarters. Manufacturing locations in Florida and China allow the company to satisfy customers’ need to optimize total acquisition cost while sufficient production space is made available for all product families offered. The quality of products offered is one of the key concerns of all Rubyquartz employees and corporate management.

Rubyquartz is offering its products globally, through its direct sales force as well as a network of independent Sales Representatives and Distributors. Customer Service and Technical Support are offered from the Miami, Fl. headquarters.

The wide product range is designed to satisfy the needs of customers in the telecommunications, wireless, industrial, medical, computer, consumer and many other segments of the electronic industry.

Rubyquartz not only delivers products from its standard offering but is always ready to develop special items in order to satisfy the most sophisticated customers’ needs.

We welcome all customers to Rubyquartz Technology!

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